Saturday, 17 November 2007

Hobby Show 2007

I would like to personally thank everyone that came out and helped to promote our little addiction. This was our 5th annual show, and it truly takes everyone that was involved to make it the great display it was. My name may go on these posts, but the event is truly a combined effort of many.

Hobby Show 2007 - Missing from picture - Jeff VW and Allan

So many thanks to you all ....
- to our special guest, Steve Witt, for not only putting up with all us Canucks but for making the effort to join us. It was a pleasure to have you with us.
- for all the behind the scenes work from Allan, who deals with the "management"
- to all of you that took the "Mocs that Move" challenge, Chris, Jason, David
- to all of you that can be depended on to make the effort even when life gets in the way, Jeff, Oliver
- to those of you that spent many hours on the road to be with us, Bill, Jason, deborah
- to those that came to hang out with us, Calum, Derek
- to each and everyone of you that spent your time, and effort displaying the wonderful creations you all made.... (just to mention a few)

Allan (The always amazing crowd pleasing CNtower, plus I have a soft spot for Mr PotHead.)
Chris (Stunning Walker, and a much better car drop than my own, oh yeah, way to go on breaking the axle joiner and nearly killing an innocent by stander.)
Jason (Polished perfection as usual, but by far, the Hoberman's sphere motorized was beyond amazing and I always love it when JunkBot makes an appearance.)
deborah (your architecture delights, and the micro is breathtaking, and you are risking J's polished crown, or is that a tiara?)
David (Loved the vintage pieces, plus last minute build turned into kickbutt Moving Moc)
Jeff (Your spaceship was a hit, and the castle is an amazing Moc in progress),
Oliver (Gorgeous stained glass Christmas Lantern, I may just have to steal that idea!)
Keith (Thanks for bringing in the technic models) and
Bill (while we all missed the Cathedral, your logo was a wonderful addition to our display)

But most of all, I want to thank everyone for the help they gave me, be it bringing extra mocs to fill up the tables, treating me to lunch, or coffee, (or homemaker cupboards) plus all moral support, good laughs, and of course the outstanding company. Thanks to any of you that "manned" the kids table, or fig sales, which will be going towards buying more table cloths.

Hope to see you all next year!


Janey "Red Brick"

Pictures from the event...
Janey's ...
Touched by his noodly goodness ...
Dave's pics ...

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