Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Christmas Train Show

Town, Train and MOC Layout
2009 Christmas Train Show

Check out Dave's video here...

Town Layout consists of modules by Derek, Jeff, Janey, Robbie, Abby and Oliver

MOCs by John, Bill, Derek, Iain and Janey.

Classic Space Layout
2009 Christmas Train Show

Daves Classic Space vid here...

The Classic Space Layout was presented mainly
by Jeff and Dave featuring
(this info is from Dave's video)
- 7 independant monorail tracks
- 1 high speed 'space train'
- 250 linear feet of monorail track
- 80 linear feet of LEGO 9v train track
- 100+ classic space vehicles and buildings
- custom created buildings and vehicles in the Classic Space motif

- with extra contributions by Derek, Calum, Janey and Chris.

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