Tuesday, 12 January 2010

DISPLAY this Jan 17th until Feb 21

Ladies and Gentlemen...

Coming this Sunday...
At the St Jacobs Outlet Mall... the Ontario Brick Builderswill be displaying MOCS, Classic Space, a Train Layout and anything else anyone wants to bring. Set up starts at noon on the 17th.

We would love for you to join us.

Jan 17th until Feb 21
St Jacobs Outlet Mall, 2nd Floor.
Right beside Toy Building Zone (the Lego Store)

We are asking ALL Afols to bring in your creations, big or small from vignettes to sculptures, collectibles to MOCs, historical to sci-fi, and everything in between. Whether you are old or new to the hobby, have tons of stuff, or just a little. I really want to stress the fact that EVERYONE is welcome. Please invite any other adult you think might enjoy this sort of thing.

We will be leaving our display up for a full month in a fully locked down empty store with windows to the hallway. The display will be viewed from the hall by the spectators, that way your items are relatively safe from questioning or light fingers without the need of babysitting them. Of course, anything you display is displayed at your own risk, but no one except those that display will be allowed in the room for set up and tear down, and only when I am on site. I will be on site at least every Sunday, BUT you can bring your stuff other days if this coming Sunday does not work out for you, please contact me via email to make a date.

Please be clear on this. This is NOT a store event. Do not ask anyone from the store to open, unlock, retrieve your items, they do not have a key and have been instructed to refuse because they will not know if the items are actually yours. There is no obligation to display the whole time, but you must arrange alternate dates with me. Thanks for respecting this because this protects your items and I would like the chance to do this event again.

Some points to ponder...

If you just want to come see the display, you might want to wait for a Sunday, because that is the only day I guarantee that the trains and monorail will be actually running.

If you are an AFOL and you think you might want to come see the display and do some shopping at the same time, I would wait for a week or two, our stock at the store was hit hard by the holiday rush, and we are patiently waiting on shipments from LEGO.

As well, if you come out to display with us on Jan 17, or pick up your stuff on Feb 21 ... please join our local LUG for dinner for our monthly Whackolug Meetings. More info here... http://whackolug.blogspot.com/

I really would love to see a great turn out for this.
If you have any questions,
PLEASE feel free to ask.

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