Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Hobby Show

Ladies and Gentlemen...

It is with great happiness and relief that I say that the OBB will return to our
yearly display at the Hobby Show, held at the International Centre on the first
weekend of Nov.

Builders, collectors, old friends and new, please accept this post as your
invitation to join us in this years display. All themes and scales are welcome,
lets show them what we can do.

For those wanting to display with the OBB, please send me an email to let me
know what you are bringing. First come first served for LIMITED passes.

Load in is on Thursday, anytime from 10am to 10pm. Keep in mind, I will not be
available to baby sit the tables all day. If you want to set up and leave your
items please do so at your own risk, or make sure you do so that evening from
7pm to 10pm when I will be there.

The Loading Docks are at Hall 2 in the back and are numbered 10 - 16

Ontario Brick Builders has a 10 x 40 foot booth, electric power drop and approx
10 tables to be filled, so please know, your items are all wanted and

Please consider joining us.

Can wait to see you all.


Looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend.

Set up is on Thursday, (just a reminder) I should arrive (assuming I dont get
stuck in traffic on the 401) at 7 pm.

We will be going out for dinner both Friday, and Saturday night, more than
likely Swiss Chalet on Friday, and Lone Star on Saturday. Please consider this
your invite to join us.

As for those of you that are not displaying... or for those of you that have
family that would like to attend...

Here is a coupon to save a few bucks on your ticket.



I would like to thank everyone that came out this weekend to make the OBB Hobby
Show display such a success. I think our display looked awesome and was well
received by both the crowds and by the organisers of the show.

Now that we have table cloths and sign, its time to look at installing a mote
and electrical fence (wink)... or perhaps just some stanchions

I dont think I will have time to get my photos up for a few weeks...
(anyone else that took some, please add the links here), but I did want to
extend my thanks to all that brought something to display.

Jeff and Dave's Classic Space Layout
Jeff's Space Hanger and Castle Display
Deborah's Architecture
Ian's Ships
Albert's Ships, Mosaics and Cube Dudes
Jef's pneumatic Technic Model
Chris' Slinky Machine
Jeff, Oliver (and my own) Train Layout
Bill's Historical layout
and a few of my sculptures/mosaics

Also great to have other Lego fans (and supportive family members, friends and
co-workers) drop in for a visit, such as Abby, Robbie, Bill wife, Marc (and
Deborah's nieces and sisters) Jen, Tommy, Sarah (and their family friends),
John, Mario, Derek, Jenn, Keith, Sandy, Josh, and Calum.

A sincere thanks to everyone, and looking forward to seeing you next year where
we hopefully we can lobby for more space... (Space!) and all of you (and more)
will return to join our display.

For the viewing public that is bummed they missed the show, trying catching part
of the OBB display next weekend at the Christmas Train Show (see Dave's posts
for more info.)

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